Different Ways to Integrate Technology into your Classroom

I began my teaching career after being a graphic designer and working for a textbook publisher. That experience taught me how important technology is in the real world. Over the years I have continued to try to find new ways to use technology and changed how my students learn. I love discovering new ideas and […]

3D printers or 3D printing technologies overview

Materials can vary from technology to technology. But there are some common features for all Addictive Manufacturing, such as usage of computer together with special 3D modeling software. First thing to start this process is to create CAD sketch. Then AM device reads data from CAD file and builds a structure layer by layer from […]

SAN Technology

Storage area networking (SAN) technology solutions are not new. Neither is the notion of multihost attached shared storage. All mainframe data centers are configured this way, and currently 25% to 35% of all network traffic passes over a SAN. What is new is that these tried-and-true technology architectures are being adopted in the distributed network, […]